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As you might have gathered, I specialize in wedding receptions and that is what I do most frequently, but I am often contracted to provide entertainment for a variety of other event types as well.  When December rolls around, there are a slew of Holiday parties, for example.  There are Sweet 16's, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Fourth of July barbecues, Company picnics, and Halloween parties.  These are all fun celebrations that are made even better by adding professional entertainment.  Music, energy, and atmosphere is what I bring as your DJ...and their use is only limited by your imagination.


Here are some detailed examples of event types that you can hire me for:


• Wedding Reception


This is the type of event that I am contracted to do most often.  I love doing wedding receptions, have lots of experience, and have become very good at providing this type of entertainment.  A typical wedding reception runs as follows...  First, I start by meeting with the bride and groom to plan everything out in detail.  I play background music to the couple's preference as the guests arrive and eat.  Later, we move into special events such as toasts, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, couple's first dance, and more.  Then, we dance and party late into the night!  Every aspect of the reception will be tailored to the bride and groom's preference, and it will be my goal to make it as memorable and fun as possible.


• Wedding Ceremony and Reception


Many weddings have the ceremony and reception in the same location. If this is the case, often I am hired for the entire day.  This can definitely make things easier in planning and producing the ceremony.  I provide a professional sound system for the ceremony (in addition to the reception system) and we can select the perfect music together.  You'll have beautiful prelude music to set the mood as your guests arrive, a wireless microphone on the officiant, and musical accompaniment of your choosing for the processional, recessional, and any other elements taking place before, during, and after your nuptials.  Most importantly, in addition to help planning the musical aspect of the ceremony, you'll have a professional sound engineer at the helm, making sure things go perfectly.


• Birthday Party


Want to make your next birthday party extraordinary?  How about throwing a party with your own professional DJ!  Music, dancing, karaoke.  I can provide everything you need to make it awesome and fun.


• Halloween Party


Halloween is a great time to throw killer parties.  Make your next costume party memorable and fun by hiring me.  I have lots of great Halloween and party music.  Throw in some fog machines and lights and you'll have an awesome night to remember!


• Holiday Bash


A Christmas Party, New Year's Party, or other holiday get-together is a great place to hire a DJ.  Make your affair elegant and illustrious.  Holiday music, dancing, dinner.  How about Christmas Karaoke?  If you want it, I can do it.



• Themed Dance Party


You can plan a lot of fun parties around a certain theme or style of music.  How about a Fifties Sock Hop with lots of Swing Music and 50's Rock & Roll?  Or a party themed around your favorite era's music like Eighties, Disco, Classic Rock, Reggae, Latin/Salsa/Meringue, Hip-hop, R&B, or anything else you can think of.


These are just a few examples of typical DJ Gigs.  I am willing and able to work many different kinds of events, so give me a call and lets start planning today.

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